Thanksgiving 2016

Yes, we had hectic and boisterous and joyous Thanksgiving at Rancho D. Every year Richard writes and recites a poem for the toast of gratitude before we dive into the mashed potatoes and gravy. This year there were so many kids he decided it was time to forgo his solipsism and give a moral reminder and a not-so-subtle reference to the president-elect by telling the story of King Midas followed by a recitation of WS Merwin’s High Water.

We were unable find the poem on line, but here’re a couple of lines:

The river is rising
and with the breathless sound of a fever
the bank along each shore
trembles and is torn away.
A few steps up in the rain
the rows of faces watch
under the dripping hats
saying what should be moved if they
have to move it and what the spring
means to summer…

…and they speak even of the lake in the mountains
which they own together
and agree once again
never to sell.

Illustration by Walter Crane for Nathaniel Hawthorn’s version of the Midas myth, 1893


OK, OK! – let’s dig in.



Rancho D by Clementine D

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