Straw Straws

It is time to let everyone know about a truly green straw.

Late summer Eli and Richard harvested our rye (for making whiskey!). The stems are hollow and quite substantial, Dude!!! Anyone need a straw? STRAW STRAWS, LTD. Organic, sustainably harvested, completely biodegradable and gluten free!!! (its rye, not wheat). Dump the plastic “straw.” A great VC opportunity.

Hey, come on over for a cool drink. It’s time for sundowners on the deck. We applaud the efforts of The Last Plastic Straw where they request that wait staff at bars and restaurants just ask before they automatically put a straw in the glass.

At our house, we never ask if you want a straw, instead we ask – do you want one olive or two?
And soon we will be asking if you want a whiskey.